Final Project Live Stream

Facebook Link

This is a screenshot of the promo I put out in advance to let everyone know I would be streaming at 5pm.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.39.09 PM.png

I also put it on youtube just in case that link does not work for any reason

This project was Guess That Christmas Carol. I used a phone to film, and then kept score  and watched for comments to respond to on my laptop. This worked out pretty well as I was able to easily move the phone camera around, but it is less steady than I would have liked it to be. 5pm on a Sunday ended up being a good time to stream, as I had enough people to participate to make this a successful 4o minute game. I also wish I had been able to accompany Eoin’s guitar playing with piano or keyboard. Those viewing could hear the guitar pretty well, but an instrument louder than an acoustic guitar would have helped some songs be more clearly heard.

Basic Metrics: 23o views, 319 comments

Solo Midterm Live Stream

Since I didn’t have an archive of this Facebook live stream for my midterm, I wanted to put a little blurb about it on my class assignments blog. For this project, I live streamed a game of left-handed pictionary, left-handed because I can draw with my right, so using my weak hand created a lot of random, shaky, terrible pictures from the list of words I had ready before streaming. A few of my friends were available at the 2pm time to participate. When I started the video they commented that they could not hear anything, but because of the simple gameplay they were all able to catch on to the concept, and I wrote notes to show to the screen for any other misunderstandings.

The gameplay overall was really successful, however I will not be using my phone as the recording device for the next live stream. Although perfect audio was not essential to this game it was definitely a problem I would have rather not have had during this project, so for my final project live stream I will definitely be using a laptop like I did for the second group live stream I made with Ariel and Dan.